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lunes, 9 de abril de 2007

"La reffradatta rana". Client: Edicolors
Illo for the book “The rooster sings in rhyme”, is a collection of carol similar to limerick by Edward Lear (”The book of nonsense”), written by Fabio Grimaldi.
A limerick is a five-line poem with a strict meter.The rhyme scheme is usually "A-A-B-B-A", with a rather rigid meter. The first, second, and fifth lines are three metrical feet; the third and fourth are two metrical feet. The first line traditionally introduces a person and a location, and usually ends with the name of the location, though sometimes with that of the person. A true limerick is supposed to have a kind of twist to it. This may lie in the final line, or it may lie in the way the rhymes are often intentionally tortured, or in both.