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viernes, 30 de marzo de 2007

"Giraluna (Moonflower)" cover book. Client: Planeta / Pequeño emecé
Witten by Eduardo Gudiño Kieffer.
This beautiful book tells the story of a sunflower that is not tall enough to bask in the sunlight. It is only at night, when his fellow sunflowers are bowed in sleep, that he can raise his petals up to the light from the sky. He soon discovers he is a Moonflower. It makes me proud to be the
illustrator for this reissue.
Eduardo Gudiño Kieffer was part of the latin american literature boom of the 1960s.
Because of his works, mainly about Buenos Aires, and thanks to the support of countless friends, he was named "Ciudadano Ilustre de la Ciudad" (Distinguished Citizen of Buenos Aires).
He died in Buenos Aires in 2002.